What our clients say...

Dear Eva, I'm sure that I am not the first client to tell you this but truly, your gardening and landscaping talents have combined to perform miracles here at Old Green Farm. Your creative planting concepts and candid advice have turned our scruffy horse farm, once rife with multiflora rose and misplaced shrubbery, into a charming setting and seasonal showplace.

The transformation began with the quite considerable effort that you put into sprucing up our place prior to my step-daughter's wedding. Everything was gloriously colorful and whimsical, right down to the floral arrangements you reminded me to put in the port-o-potty bathrooms in the field! Since then, your new specimens and strategically re-located plantings have flourished and your fine work has continued.

Of all the people I have hired in the past, you are the most clever. First and foremost, you "get" our colonial farmstead and choose only flora and fauna that belong there. You have a "big-picture" eye for what needs to be done, but understand that with animals to care for and an old place to maintain, there are limited resources to work with - and you do. Your vast knowledge has helped us steer clear of everything from potentially poisonous plants and conflicting color schemes to seeing opportunities to use what we have in new and dramatic ways. Above all, I have learned that in your gardening - just as in your riding! - you are fearless, and to great effect.

I have come to trust your decisions implicitly because I know our place "fits your niche" and that you genuinely care for it as if it were your own. In an industry of "contract gardeners" and 'landscape services" that makes you a treasure.

Finally, kudos also to your friendly and capable team, who work solidly with professionalism and tidiness.

Can't wait for Spring and Summer to see the gardens again in their glory! Warm regards,

Elizabeth England, Old Green Farm

Eva Karkas has worked for us over several years. We were glad to have her care for our property because her views on the maintenance of natural settings are the same as ours. We also share a history of care and love of horses. We want to preserve the natural qualities of treelines, hedgerows, windbreaks, plant beds, and stream banks. She prunes and trims carefully. We use no toxic chemicals. The results are neat, attractive, and harmonious. We recommend Eva to care for properties, horses, and all kinds of gardening.

Drs. June True and Norman Heap

Given his unpredictable and surly disposition, my 14 year old thoroughbred gelding cannot be stabled just anywhere. In fact, there are only a few barns where I would stable him. It was Danny's lucky day when he arrived at River Bend Farm for layup. Eva Karkas is an excellent horsewoman and very capably deals with my problem horse (whose disposition did not improve when removed from work). Eva creates a wonderful tranquility at River Bend Farm which benefits both my fractious horse and me. She effectively deals with my horse's unpleasant idiosyncrasies and is ever alert to opportunities to make him happier. She treats him with fairness and kindness. Nothing about his well being escapes her notice. Most of all, when presented with an animal with an unpleasant history, she put that history aside and gave him a new beginning. Eva's barn is well organized and run. I do not worry about how my horse is fed, treated or medicated in my absence. He will be well cared for whether or not I go to the barn. I cannot recommend River Bend Farm highly enough.

Sally Brecht,

609 406 5081

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Project Management Institute PMP,

ITIL v 3 Foundation Certificate

ASQ Certified Quality Auditor, Engineer, Manager and Software Quality Engineer.

Eva and I have been working on my garden in the Croton Swamp for close to 30 years. I am so lucky to have found someone who could help me garden in one of the most challenging places possible. Every year the garden gets lovelier. When we started out I would never have guessed we would persist for so long, against such great odds, but that just shows how dependable and reliable, how resourceful and helpful Eva is.

Marfy Goodspeed

Eva Karkas has been working at our property for a significant amount of time. We are the third owners with which she has worked. One of the reasons we bought the property was the beautiful landscaping and grounds maintenance. Previous owners only used the house as a secondary residence. Eva was responsible for maintaining a property where the owners were often not around. She has done a spectacular job. Eva is not only reliable and a very hard worker, she has also become a friend in the seven years we have lived here. She is quite possibly one of the most knowledgeable people I know regarding plants and trees. If we leave the house for vacation, I am never concerned because Eva is here. She really treats the property as if it were her own. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Sincerely, Christina L. Borden