About Us

Riverbend Farm is the country home base for our family of companies.

The Country Gardener has been managing fine properties throughout the tri-state area for over 20 years.

Our planting preferences are herbs, natives and new world edibles. Dragon Press represents the photographic and publishing products associated with The Country Gardener.

Riverbend Farm is a horse farm landscaped as a productive herb and edible comfort zone for equines and humans, cats and dogs, chickens and bugs.

Northeast Tree Expert Company, Inc. specializes in large tree maintenance and removal.

Our approach is holistic, sustainable and organic in all respects.

Welcome to our world! Let us help you create a happier place for you and your horses.

Future Goals

We want to enlighten the world by growing a holistic environment that nurtures body, spirit and mind.

Training and breeding quality sport horses.

Developing the neighborhood herb and produce farm.

Offer clinics in lounging, dressage, cross country, poisonous plants.

Replant as many trees as Northeast Tree has removed.

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